30+ Years Experience

Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is a business that was created by locals, for locals.

Owner and Director, Mark, established Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning with the goal of providing premium quality services to residential, commercial and industrial property owners throughout central and western Queensland. More than 3 decades later, he now leads a team of highly skilled technicians, who have more than 100 years’ combined experience in a number of fields.

We have established ourselves as a trusted authority in refrigeration and air conditioning installation and repairs for businesses. Local residents turn to us for quality new system design as well as prompt and comprehensive maintenance to existing cooling equipment. Thanks to our in-house sheet metal fabrication, we also supply the region with custom catering equipment and commercial kitchen fixtures.

From residential properties through to major food processing plants, you can rest assured that all work carried out by Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will be completed to the highest standard. When you contact our team, you also receive the services of fully qualified electricians.

To discuss your requirements, call our friendly team today.

Our Apprentices

30 + apprentices over the last 30 years with an above average training completion rate of 88%. Training is focused on old school values. Safety, Professionalism and Work Ethic. GRA works with local schools and community groups to source and indenture new apprentices. GRA endorses a cross training and up skilling culture with air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and sheet metal trades available to employees

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, our knowledgeable technicians can give you expert advice on all areas of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Below are just a few of our most commonly asked questions. For more information, call Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning on (07) 4972 7218 today.

Do you repair domestic refrigeration or appliances?

No, unfortunately we do not service domestic refrigerators or appliances.

However, we do offer air conditioning and electrical services to Gladstone homeowners.

Please call us if you have any further questions.

How can I tell when my air conditioning unit needs replacing?

The average lifespan of a regularly maintained air conditioner is usually between 10-20 years.

Always get a quote to find out an approximate cost before deciding whether a repair or replacement is your best option.

Alternatively, you can ask our friendly technicians for advice.

Why is my air conditioner leaking condensation?

This could be caused by a range of issues—from a dirty air filter through to clogged condensation lines.

One of our professional air conditioning experts will be able to diagnose and repair your unit. Contact us now to get started!

How often do my air conditioning filters need to be changed?

As all makes and models are unique, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and filter changing.

To avoid any risk to your personal safety, we recommend contacting our technicians to perform all maintenance work.

My air conditioner won’t turn on at all. What now?

You will need to consult with one of our qualified repairers to find the underlying cause.

Please contact us to discuss so we can provide you with the best solution!