At Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning we have been installing, replacing, and repairing commercial air conditioning units and systems for over 30 years and we have continually come across the same problems that people have, and for the same reasons. For that reason, we would like to remind our customers and potential customers of the biggest mistakes business owners make with their commercial air conditioning. 

Air Conditioner Size matters

Oversized or undersized commercial air conditioning units or systems may not be doing their proper job. Whether heating or cooling, it doesn’t matter. Whatever type of air conditioning system you are using, what you are aiming for is an even level of temperature over a certain area. It’s all about the amount of space to be cooled or heated. A commercial air conditioning engineer will measure the square foot of the space and recommend the size of unit you need. Of course, the newer type units have more power than the older type.

Duct systems

The same goes for the size of the ducts installed. Ducts have to have the correct ratio to the unit you are using. For a cost effective system, the balance has to be just right. Large ducts connected to a small unit won’t be efficient use of energy and the reverse is true too, small ducts with a larger unit. If you replace an older unit with a more modern one, you need to replace the ducts too. Newer units don’t work well with the older type ducts.


Constant adjustment of thermostat levels will damage your system in the long run. Turning the thermostat up or down causes the system to work harder. It is best to agree on a certain level of temperature and stick with it. Otherwise it will put strain on the system and waste energy, which leads to higher running costs. Don’t adjust the thermostat more than 3 degrees either way nor too frequently.


Many breakdowns occur with heating or cooling systems simply because they haven’t been well maintained. Proper and regular cleaning of systems are necessary. All sorts of things can accumulate within duct systems and drainage of units can become a problem if not maintained properly. Mould can appear and may lead to respiratory problems for your staff and customers. There is also the possibility of leaks.

Space Around The System

If you have portable floor units, it is imperative that the units aren’t blocked.  They need at least 2 feet of clear space all around to work efficiently. Don’t push them into a corner or surround them with furniture. If they are blocked the units will be forced to work harder to maintain the set level of temperature. This will damage the machine and shorten its lifecycle.

Now you know who to consult

After 30 plus years in the business we know what we are talking about.  Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is a family-run firm and take a personal interest in each and every customer. If you are thinking of installing commercial air conditioning of any sort, give us a call. We have a range of solutions and systems that will be custom made to suit your particular needs.

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