Air conditioning helps Australian households cope with hot and humid weather conditions, but did you know they need regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they keep running at their best? We explain everything you need to know about air conditioning and maintenance below…

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How often should you service your air conditioner?

While service frequency is fairly standard regardless of the type of unit you have, some situations might require more regular servicing.

• A split system air conditioning unit usually requires a fairly straightforward service as it does not involve any ductwork.

• As servicing a ducted air conditioner involves checking the ducts as well as the unit, it is a more complex job. This servicing should be performed twice a year by a qualified professional.

• Evaporative cooling systems work according to a different mechanism, and as they involve a larger system they also require longer servicing times. The general recommendation regarding servicing of an evaporative system is every two years, but units that are older or used more frequently might need annual maintenance.

Reasons to service frequently

Servicing your air conditioner can help you to save money by prolonging the life of your unit and making it more energy efficient. Skipping a service can lead your air conditioner to run into problems that can prove costly and shorten its life. Servicing can also guarantee your unit is running efficiently, keeping your house cool and your bills low.

There are certain situations which might lead you to service your air conditioner more regularly. If your air conditioner is used frequently, especially within an office setting, you will ideally have it maintained frequently to ensure optimum performance.

It’s also time to arrange a service if you notice any signs of damage or fault in your unit. While these can be difficult to spot, they usually manifest as reduced airflow, expelling hot air instead of cold, an unexplained increase in energy costs, leakage or unusual noises and smells.

Maintaining the quality of your air conditioner

Regularly servicing your unit is the best thing you can do to ensure high-quality performance, but in between services there are things you can do to maintain quality performance. Regularly checking, cleaning and replacing filters at least once every six months will help your system to run efficiently and reliably. Cleaning vents and the exterior condensing unit can also help prevent many of the issues that air conditioners run into when they are not maintained.

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