Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Gladstone

At Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we carry out commercial air conditioning repairs in Gladstone and surrounding areas.

If your business is kept comfortable and temperate all year round with an air conditioning system, it’s important to ensure your air conditioning is performing as it should. Broken or inefficient air conditioning can run up your energy bills and make your business unfit for work, meaning lost time and money wasted.

At GRA, we are experienced in working with many makes and models of commercial air conditioning across offices, shops, warehouses, and other commercial premises around Gladstone.

Fast, Efficient Repairs To Get Your Business Back On Its Feet

Faulty air conditioning can grind your business to a halt. At GRA, we understand the importance of getting your AC back up and running as quickly as possible so that regular business can commence.


Our team of experienced air conditioning engineers will assess and test your AC unit, diagnosing any faults along the way and making recommendations for repairs and maintenance to get your AC performing as it should.

We work with all major models of air conditioning, including Daikon, and our experienced team has worked on AC units displaying all kinds of common and uncommon faults. For a fast diagnosis and a thorough repair, call 07 4972 7218 or contact GRA.

Is Your Commercial Air Conditioning In Need Of Repair?

Too often, people avoid having their air conditioning serviced even when it’s showing the warning signs of damage. Running your AC unit when faults are present can decrease efficiency, massively increasing your energy bill, as well as driving up the costs of the eventual repairs your air conditioning will need.

Early warning signs that your air conditioning needs servicing include:

  • The AC unit isn’t working properly – blowing out air that’s the wrong temperature
  • Odd noises or strange smells coming from your AC unit
  • Your air conditioning is leaking
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Diminished airflow coming from your AC unit

If you spot any of these warning signs, it’s important to have your AC unit repairs by a qualified air conditioning technician as soon as possible.

Repair Or Replace

At GRA, we are experienced in carrying out commercial air conditioning repairs and replacements. If your air conditioning isn’t working properly, making the decision to repair or replace can be a tough one.


Our experienced engineers can help you to make the right decision, taking the age and health of your air conditioning system into account as well as offering advice on your options for both repairing and replacing your AC system.

Why Choose GRA

At GRA, we are professional air conditioning engineers with years of experience repairing commercial air conditioning systems for clients across Gladstone and the surrounding areas. We work hard to deliver excellent results to all of our clients, and we never push you to purchase products or services you don’t want.

To find out more about our commercial air conditioning repairs Gladstone, call 07 4972 7218 us today.


We are always happy to discuss your air conditioning system with you and help you to find the right solution for your business.