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Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are an established company providing a complete suite of high-grade commercial air conditioning solutions for customers in Gladstone, Rockhampton, Biloela and surrounding areas.



When it comes to commercial air conditioning, Gladstone businesses can trust us to deliver expert, professional service and quality products at affordable prices. We specialise in air conditioning solutions for businesses of all sizes and types.



We provide:

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Servicing for air conditioning systems at factories, offices, retail facilities and more

Our fully trained and licensed air conditioning and refrigeration technicians are able to work on all makes and models of air conditioning. Available for both major and minor repairs, we are the A/C professionals of choice for a growing number of commercial enterprises.



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Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Split System Air Conditioning

This service is ideal for those wanting to cool just one room or area of their premises.


Split system air conditioners are the mainstream choice for cooling systems in Gladstone and offer a simple solution to your temperature control needs. Not only are these Mitsubishi products reliable and affordable, but they are the epitome of modern technology and will keep your business serviced for years to come.


Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

When you choose ducted air conditioning, you are choosing a quiet and efficient system for your premises. These are fitted with silent filters designed to provide an even airflow that will conserve energy and minimise noise pollution in any room.


Our world-leading systems are designed and constructed by award-winning brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, so you know you can trust an air conditioner from Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.


Multi-Head Air Conditioning System

For premises where a fully ducted system will not fit effectively, a multi-head system is perfect to keep several rooms cooled without the eyesore or cost of multiple outdoor units. This tidier and efficient solution is flexible and has the capacity to supply up to six rooms with temperature control.


Furthermore, this is the go-to choice for confined spaces where just one outdoor unit is required on a single mounting space, giving you more room and removing the need for several large and unappealing units.


Cassette System Air Conditioning

The ideal choice for commercial properties, the cassette system functions most effectively in open-plan rooms, including offices, classrooms, gyms, and board rooms. A 360-degree airflow transmitter means that you can rest assured the entire room will be as cool as it ought to be.


Under Ceiling Air Conditioning

If you’re considering an air conditioning system for a commercial property that has a limited amount of ceiling space, an under ceiling system could be the best choice. This system is installed under the ceiling but fixed to a rigid structure and is an ideal choice for rooms that cannot accommodate a cassette system.


Package Unit Air Conditioners

This fully self-contained air conditioning system comes as a rooftop packaged unit that can be installed either on the roof, the ground, or even indoors to service large commercial areas.

modern ceiling mount air conditioning unit in a commercial setting - gladstone air conditioning

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing of your A/C system doesn’t just keep the chances of a repair to an absolute minimum, it also helps to ensure optimal performance. A system that’s operating below par is likely to use more energy to operate, which could be bad news for your power bills.

Our technicians carry out a comprehensive range of checks and maintenance tasks as part of a routine service.

From checking performance through to topping up refrigerant levels, checking the thermostat and replacing any parts that are showing signs of wear, a service from us ensures effective commercial air conditioning when you need it, and may even prolong the lifespan of your system.

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Repair or Replace?

At GRA, we are experienced in carrying out commercial air conditioning repairs and replacements. If your air conditioning isn’t working properly, making the decision to repair or replace can be a tough one.

Our experienced engineers can help you to make the right decision, taking the age and health of your air conditioning system into account as well as offering advice on your options for both repairing and replacing your AC system.  Faulty air conditioning can grind your business to a halt. At GRA, we understand the importance of getting your AC back up and running as quickly as possible so that regular business can commence.


We work with all major models of air conditioning, including Daikon, and our experienced team has worked on AC units displaying all kinds of common and uncommon faults. For a fast diagnosis and a thorough repair, call 07 4972 7234 or contact us today.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new commercial air conditioning system, need to schedule maintenance or are in need of urgent repairs, call the experienced team at Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning today!


At GRA, we are professional air conditioning engineers with years of experience repairing commercial air conditioning systems for clients across Gladstone and the surrounding areas. We work hard to deliver excellent results to all of our clients, and we never push you to purchase products or services you don’t want.



We’re available Monday to Friday 8 am till 5 pm with emergency call-outs available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of air conditioners are used in commercial buildings?

VRF or VRV Air Conditioners are commonly used in commercial buildings. VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems are both advanced air conditioning systems that use a single outdoor unit to regulate the temperature of multiple indoor units. These systems are energy-efficient, cost-effective and provide individual temperature control in each zone.

How often should commercial air conditioners be routinely maintained?

Commercial air conditioners should be routinely maintained at least twice a year. Regular maintenance ensures that your air conditioning system operates efficiently, minimises the risk of breakdowns and extends the lifespan of your equipment. Our team of experienced technicians can provide a customised maintenance plan for your business based on your specific needs.

When is total replacement required for commercial HVAC?

Total replacement of a commercial HVAC system is required when it becomes outdated, inefficient or unreliable. Some signs that indicate the need for total replacement include high energy bills, frequent breakdowns, inconsistent temperatures and excessive noise. Our experts can assess your HVAC system and recommend whether a replacement is necessary.

How can I ensure my commercial air conditioning does not produce poor air quality?

We offer effective solutions to maintain your commercial air conditioning system and improve air quality. We stock AerisGuard™ cleaners and treatments, which are comprehensive cleaning and maintenance products that eliminate contaminants such as bacteria, mould and viruses, improving the air quality in your building. Our team of experts can also provide air quality testing services to ensure that your indoor air is healthy and safe for your occupants.

Can commercial AC be automated through building management systems?

Yes, commercial air conditioning can be automated through building management systems. Building management systems (BMS) can integrate with your commercial air conditioning system, allowing you to control temperature, humidity and ventilation remotely. BMS can also provide real-time data on energy usage, occupancy levels and system performance, helping you to optimise your building’s energy efficiency and comfort levels.