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Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has been reliably providing our expertise to clients in Gladstone, Rockhampton and Biloela for over 30 years.


Our specialists offer a tailored service to perfectly meet the needs of our industrial customers. With a team of expert tradesmen, GRA can work to perform bespoke air conditioning installations that suit many different facilities.


We work closely with our clients to provide a service that suits their requirements perfectly. We can also provide specialised computer systems with dependable redundancy systems to keep everything running smoothly. All of our systems are backed by a 24-hour support line to offer absolute peace of mind.


Our industrial air conditioning installation services are comprehensive and can help with ventilating harmful emissions with a bespoke ventilation and exhaust system. All of our solutions are made in-house and to specification, ensuring a flush system throughout. Give us a call for further information today!

Industrial Air Conditioning Experts

Air conditioning for industrial spaces is an extensive process that requires expert planning and a keen understanding of the industry. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, our AC technicians provide a reputable service that covers installations, repair and maintenance to keep your air conditioning at its best.

We understand the difficulties that certain industries face in terms of air conditioning. More often than not, it is less about temperature control and more about filtering out pollutants. Our technicians are well equipped to provide a range of solutions that are designed to work across entire industrial sites.

Custom Air Con Systems

We understand that the needs of one industrial client will be vastly different than the next, so our specialists provide a tailored service for every project that we are involved in. We assess the layout of your site and take any unique or problematic conditions into account to find the best locations for air conditioning units.


We take multiple aspects of the job into consideration, from budget constraints to ease of access for future maintenance. This allows us to create a functional air conditioning solution for an entire industrial site that will adhere to the latest regulations and industry standards.

Experienced Air Con Technicians

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are proud of the service that we provide our customers. We offer a comprehensive air conditioning solution for industrial clients from the consultation phase all the way to ongoing maintenance.


Our services are wide-reaching to offer absolute peace of mind to our customers, and cost-effective to ensure their satisfaction. Our specialists are fully qualified and accredited, and are provided with the latest training and tools to work efficiently and safely at all times.


You can trust that the service we provide is nothing short of exceptional at Gladstone Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

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