You might look at your air con and think the symbols are easy to decipher, but that’s not always the case. While cooling, drying and the on/off button might be straightforward enough, what about the symbols that are just a little less obvious? If your installation company hasn’t gone through the unit and its functions with you, you might be feeling a little left in the dark. Wondering what all those signs and symbols really mean? Read on to learn more!

Air Conditioner With A Hand Holding A Remote

The most common symbols

Here are the symbols you’ll find on almost all air conditioner remote controls.

  • On/off: The on/off symbol is usually very easy to identify and appears as a vertical bar.
  • Cooling: If you see a snowflake symbol, that means cooling. When this is on, you’ll enjoy comfortable temperatures, especially in the heat of summer.
  • Heating: Any sun symbol represents heat. Keep toasty in the winter by programming your air conditioner to blow warm air throughout your room.
  • Drying: If you see a water droplet symbol, this most likely is your drying function. Don’t confuse this with cooling, though. Drying helps to reduce your room’s humidity while continuing to blow cool air.
  • Fan: Sometimes you might not need power cooling, and that’s where the fan comes in. Usually represented by a fan symbol, this function uses the built-in fan to disperse air, albeit at lower cooling levels – though it does mean you’ll use less power and electricity as a result.
  • Fan speed: If you see signal bars, these likely represent your fan speed. You can adjust this setting to control the rate at which your internal fan runs.
  • Auto function: You might see an “A” surrounded by arrows – this means “auto”. With this function, you’ll be able to hold the perfect temperature once your unit has reached it.
  • Quiet mode: Quiet or silent mode is generally indicated by a person signing silence. It allows your unit to operate as quietly as it can, which is a great feature during the night.
  • Vertical air swing: If you see a symbol displaying several air strokes, this indicates a vertical swing. You’ll be able to direct your air swing vertically across static, oscillating and automatic directions.
  • Horizontal air swing: This symbol is basically the vertical air swing symbol turned horizontally! Choosing this option will allow you to toggle the horizontal output of your unit.
  • Turbo cooling: Do you need to cool down fast? A human or thunderbolt sign on your remote control usually stands for turbo cooling, which allows your unit to operate at full capacity and cool your space in as little as 15-30 minutes.

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