When heat strikes, our first instinct might be to turn our air conditioners up to full blast. While this might help us feel comfortable more quickly, it could also cause our electricity bills to soar, and lead to heavier wear and tear on our air conditioning systems.

But did you know that you could save a staggering 10% on energy every time you turn your air conditioning down by one degree? Keep reading to learn more about optimal seasonal temperatures.

The ideal air conditioning temperature

The best temperature for air conditioning depends largely on the season and the local climate. Climate doesn’t just take temperature into account – it also includes humidity, precipitation, daylight, and the wind factor.

If you live in the tropical north, your ideal temperature will be starkly different to what it would be if you lived in the cooler south. Additionally, areas with high humidity or increased rainfall will find air conditioning systems need to work harder to keep interiors comfortable, thus causing bills to rise. Although we’re a country of many climates, most Australians set their air conditioners around 22 degrees in summer and 19 degrees in winter.

Each region does, however, have an ideal energy-saving temperature:

Summer Winter
South-East Queensland/Northern NSW
North Queensland/North-Western Australia/Northern Territory
21°C to 23°C
Central Australia
21°C to 23°C
South Australia
24°C to 25°C
19°C to 20°C
South-Western Western Australia
23°C to 24°C
South-Eastern New South Wales/North-Eastern Victoria/ACT
26°C to 27°C
Southern Victoria

The reasons for variation

You might be wondering why there’s variation in recommended temperatures across Australian regions. Simply put, air conditioners need to work harder to balance out extreme temperatures. People living in a warmer, more humid climate should set their thermostats lower than normal, while those in cooler climates should raise their heating. As the purpose of air conditioning is comfort, the perfect temperature is really the one that ensures the ideal balance between liveability and efficiency.

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