Many industries require or benefit from air conditioning to ensure they keep running smoothly. If you’re considering an industrial air conditioning or HVAC system, you’ll likely want to explore your options to choose the one that’s right for you. We’ve put together this handy guide to give you the information you need about these systems, their applications and their requirements.

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What are industrial air conditioning and HVAC systems?

Industrial air conditioning is used in businesses or environments in which desirable air conditions or temperatures are required for production, processes, or equipment maintenance. Unlike residential or commercial units, industrial air conditioning does not prioritise human comfort.

An HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) comprises systems that move air between indoor and outdoor spaces, and which heat and cool buildings. These systems ensure your comfort all year round and maintain optimal levels of humidity to keep you healthy.

When might I need an industrial air conditioning or HVAC system?

Industrial air conditioners are most commonly found in the printing, photography, paper-making and textile industries, as well as in libraries, museums, and laboratories. These industries and environments require temperature control to ensure processes are performed effectively, machinery and equipment continue functioning, air moisture is controlled, and the work environment is clean and comfortable.

HVAC units are particularly beneficial in office environments. They’re designed to ensure staff feel comfortable and are able to work productively. HVACs maintain a steady indoor temperature regardless of what the weather’s doing outside. They also improve air quality and reduce humidity to maintain comfort, which is especially beneficial in areas or underground spaces of reduced ventilation. And as you can set a schedule or timer with your HVAC, you’ll ensure your business will save on energy bills.

How often should I service my industrial air conditioning or HVAC unit?

Industrial air conditioning requires more frequent servicing than residential units, as they’re larger and are likely put under more strain. We recommend you have your industrial system serviced or maintained every three to six months. This will help you save money on your system and to reduce the chance of damage or fault.

HVAC systems include various components which need to be maintained according to differing timeframes. It’s therefore recommended you service your HVAC every six months. This will ensure you stay on top of potential issues and will be able to identify which parts of your system require servicing.

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