Air-conditioning is the best way to get hot air out and bring in cooler air. If you need to replace an existing AC unit or want to install it on a brand-new office building, then you may be wondering about the best varieties of commercial air conditioning systems for your needs. Gladstone Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can help you to understand all the different requirements involved in this system.



Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System

Otherwise known as split system air conditioning, a wall mounted AC unit provides air conditioning for a number of rooms, making it ideal for a business with a number of offices, or a wide retail space that needs several air-conditioning units operating at once. It is a versatile system, as well as being ductless, making it efficient and reducing your carbon footprint.



Central Air Conditioning

When you have a centralised air-conditioning system, or an HVAC, this tends to have wall mounted units operating from a single condenser and compressor unit. If you have enough space for an outdoor unit to be fitted, then a centralised system is the best option, and Gladstone Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can offer you advice about how to use your packaged unit depending on your situation.



Variable Refrigerant Flow

This is one of the most chosen types of air conditioning system, normally with multiple units being operated by a single external unit. Many companies choose to make use of the variable refrigerant flow system in order to control different temperatures for different rooms.



Choose The Right Size

In order to make sure that your business is properly cooled down when you are using an AC system, then you need to speak to Gladstone Refrigeration and Air Conditioning about the variety of different options available to you. We can help you to assess your need for a particular unit.


The most important thing that you need to consider when you are looking at different commercial AC units is whether they can be relied upon to ensure the happiness of your customers or employees by ensuring that they are always comfortable when they are inside your business.When you are looking for commercial air conditioning, speak to Gladstone Refrigeration and Air Conditioning today. We can help you to choose the perfect unit for your business. Please give us a call on 07 4972 7218 now.

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