The temperatures experienced throughout an Australian summer mean that an air conditioner is essential in almost every household. However, we understand that running your air conditioner can be costly, and you’ll most likely see increased energy bills throughout these summer months. Using your air conditioner in the most financially friendly way possible can reduce some of these bills.

We’re here to discuss how to make the most of your air conditioner:

Close doors and windows

Most people know to close the windows and doors in the room that they are attempting to cool, but we recommend making sure they’re closed throughout the house. This way, the cool air is less likely to escape, and your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard. If it’s particularly warm, you could try to shade your windows, meaning less sunlight will enter the room and increase the temperature.

Clean the filter on a regular basis

It’s very easy for grime and dust to build up over the air conditioner’s filter, which means that less cool air is able to escape the unit. If you make sure to clean the filter regularly, then your air conditioning will be able to run at its optimum levels. A dirty filter can also increase the number of allergens around the area, which can lead to health conditions if in excess.

Turn it off when you’re not home

This tip may be more self-explanatory, but it’s important to ensure that you turn off your air conditioning system when you leave the house. It’s easy to think that you’ll want a cool house when you return, but the system won’t take long to start up, and you’ll significantly reduce your energy bills. Alternatively, you can set a timer, which means your air conditioning will automatically switch off when it reaches your chosen temperature.

Remove any furniture

If you have any furniture that is too close to the air conditioning unit, it’s a good idea to reposition it as this can block the flow of air. Better circulation also means that your unit is less likely to overheat and stop working.

Avoid making the room humid

During an Australian summer, we recommend doing things like showering and drying clothes in the evening when the temperature is lowered. Increasing the humidity of your house will mean that your air conditioning has to work harder to cool it back down. This is relevant for anything that will make the room hot, including lamps and TVs, which should be positioned well away from the unit sensors if possible.

Have a regular service

It’s often difficult to tell if your air conditioning isn’t working to its optimum ability, and you might not know until you receive a painfully high energy bill at the end of the month. One way to prevent this for those of us who aren’t air conditioning experts is to have it regularly serviced. This will leave you feeling confident that your unit is working to its best all year round.

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