Being able to live in comfort is something that everyone wants, and if you choose to spend your time at home, then you may want the comfort of an office atmosphere in your very own home. Choosing the perfect air conditioning unit in Gladstone is the best way to make sure that you can experience this for yourself, and with the help of Gladstone Refrigeration and Air Conditioning you can learn how to pick the perfect AC unit. 


Know Your Air Con Size

Before you look at AC unit models, you need to know how much air you need to be circulated. By far the most essential factor in selecting that air conditioner is room size, and you need to choose a unit that will match that size. Too big, and it might be like standing in a refrigerator, too small and you might not be able to get the room cool enough. 


Split System Air Conditioner

One of the most common types of AC unit, split system conditioners mean that you have two different units, one mounted inside the home and the other fitted outside. They are connected by pipes and can be ideal if you do not want to make too much of a hole in your wall. They mean that you can manage a single room effectively, but if you want to have multiple conditioners for the whole house, you may need to talk to Gladstone Refrigeration and Air Conditioning about other options. 


Central Air Conditioning

These are sometimes built into the home when you buy it but will need to be replaced at some point. Ducts are fitted through the wall spaces in the house, and you have a small outdoor unit which supplies the whole property, with fans and AC indoor units in each room. 


Choosing The Right Unit

Really, the only way to choose which unit is for you is to examine the ones that we offer and decide which unit you want. For example, do you want to have a unit for a single room? Split is best. Would you like to cool multiple rooms at once? A central AC unit will suit you. 


Talk To Us About Your Needs

If you are finding it hard to choose the perfect air conditioning system in Gladstone, then you could benefit from talking to Gladstone Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Reach out to us today by using our online form or call 07 4972 7218 now.

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