Air conditioning is not something you should only pay attention to during summer – it can provide relief across the entire year and during every season, and winter is no exception to this. With winter swiftly approaching, it is essential you know how to use air conditioning to your advantage, and make sure the whole family can keep warm during the coldest months.

Though most of the days ahead won’t be too much of a problem, the winter nights could be another story; you need to understand how air conditioning can help to beat the cold.

person controlling split system air conditioner in winter

The benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioners are an effective way to stay warm in winter, with a dedicated heating mode that absorbs ambient warmth from the cold air and recirculates it throughout the property. This same system cools the air in summer, serving as an efficient and useful unit no matter the temperature.

On the topic of efficiency, reverse cycle air conditioners offer tremendous value due to this dual functionality, with noticeable savings on your bills long-term and fewer greenhouse emissions. Though some use personal heaters to stay warm in winter, many prefer these air conditioners for their flexibility no matter the temperature or weather – investing in one of these units can help you enjoy winter even more.

Air conditioning maintenance during winter

If (like many homes) you use your air conditioner a lot over summer, you need to ensure it will keep working in winter. Autumn is usually the best time to service your air conditioning, so you’ll be ready for the next round of extreme temperatures before they start; you should also regularly check the filters.

Regardless of when you do this maintenance, there are signs of a failing unit you must look out for, such as unexpectedly high energy bills, strange noises or smells, visible leaks, or the unit just not working right. If you notice these symptoms, it’s best to act now than wait until the middle of winter, when you’ll need consistent heat.

How to save air conditioning costs in winter

An easy way to cut down on air-con costs in winter is to have a reverse cycle air conditioner – the upfront cost can seem daunting, but it essentially fills the role of two units while having lower operating costs. Beyond this, finding the optimum temperature for where you are will help to save money. Across Queensland, this is about 20 °C, as higher settings can have diminishing returns while costing more. Additional steps such as insulation or window glazing can also help the heat stay in the building, making you less reliant on a high AC setting.

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